Al Stewart Time Passages
LP, 1978, Gatefold

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 44:12
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Label/Labelcode RCA / LC 0316
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. RCA / PL 25173
Musikrichtung Rock: Folk Rock, Pop-Rock
MS-ID 34963
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. Time Passages 6:39
A 2. Valentina Way 4:02
A 3. Life In Dark Water 5:46
A 4. A Man For All Seasons 5:45
B 5. Almost Lucy 3:41
B 6. Palace Of Versailles 5:20
B 7. Timeless Skies 3:31
B 8. Song On The Radio 6:20
B 9. End Of The Day 3:08


Lyrics und Credits im Innenteil des Covers
All Songs written by Al Stewart except "Time Passages" and "End Of The Day" which were written by Al Stewart and Peter White.
"Palace Of Versailles" is based on "The Earle Of Salisbury" by William Byrd.

Al Stewart, Tim Renwick (lead solos on "Almost Lucy", "Man For All Seasons", "Palace Of Versailles" ans "Life in Dark Water")
Peter White (lead solos on "Time Passages", "Valentine Way" and "End Of The Day"), Mark Goldenberg (rhythm guitar on "Valentine Way")

Peter Wood, Peter Way, Peter Robinson (grand piano and organ on "Valentine Way"), Pete Solley (polyphonics synthesizer on "Palace Of Versailles")

Alto Sax: Phil Kenzle

Bass: Robin Lamble

Drums: Stuart Elliott; Jeff Porcaro (on "Valentine Way")

Accordian: Peter White

Steel Guitar: Al Perkins

Backing Vocals: Krysia Kristianne, Davic Pack, Joe Puerta, James Robert West, Brian Huddy, Jeff Borgeson

Percussion: Arthur Tripp III

Recorded at: Davlen, Los Angeles

Asst. Engineers: Chris Desmond, Pat Stapley and Chris Blair

Mastering: Chris Blair EMI, Abbey Road Studios

Strings Arranged by: Andrew Powell

Cover Design & Photography: Hipgnosis

Produced by Alan Parsons for KINETIC PRODUCTIONS, LTD. Executive Production: Luke O'Reilly

(P) 1978
Made by RCA Schallplatten GmbH, Hamburg, Germany from masters owned or controlled by RCA Records Trademark owner RCA Corporation TM(S) REG Marca(S) Registrada(S)

Matrize: RCA PL 25173 A PF Manufactured in Germany (Seite 1); RCA PL 25173 B PF Manufactured in Germany (Seite 2)

LC 0316