The Alan Parsons Project The Turn Of A Friendly Card
CD, 2008, Re-Release, Remastered

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Orig. Release 1980
Zeit 64:03
EAN-Nr. 828768152621
Label/Labelcode ARISTA / LC 03484
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 82876815262
Musikrichtung Rock: Art Rock, Pop-Rock, Progressive Rock
MS-ID 199246
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. May Be A Price To Pay 5:01
2. Games People Play 4:24
3. Time 5:14
4. I Don't Wanna Go Home 4:52
5. The Gold Bug 4:34 I
6. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One) 2:44
7. Snake Eyes 3:15
8. The Ace Of Swords 2:57 I
9. Nothing Left To Lose 4:07
10. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two) 3:32
11. May Be A Price To Pay [Intro-Demo] 1:32 B
12. Nothing Left To Lose [Basic Backing Track] 4:35 B
13. Nothing Left To Lose [Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdub Compilation] 2:02 B
14. Nothing Left To Lose [Early Studio Version With Eric's Guide Vocal] 3:11 B
15. Time [Early Studio Attempt] 4:42 B
16. Games People Play [Rough Mix] 4:32 B
17. The Gold Bug [Demo] 2:49 I B


Original Credits
Produced and Engineered by Alan Parsons
Executive Producer Eric Woolfson

Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Andrew Powell
Engineered by Alan Parsons
Mastering Consultant: Chris Blair
Sleeve Concept: Lol Creme & Kevin Godley

Bass - David Paton
Drums and Percussion - Stuart Elliot
Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Ian Bainson
Keyboards - Eric Woolfson
Additional Keyboards - Alan Parsons

The Orchestra Of The Munich Chamber Orchestra Care Of Eberhard Schoener
Leader: Sandor Farcas
Orchestra Coordinator: Curtis Briggs

Vocals: Elmer Gantry, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Woolfson and Chris Rainbow
Backing Vocals: Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, and Alan Parsons

Recorded at Acousti Studio, Paris
Orchestra recorded at Arco Studio Munich

Reissue Credits
Compiled for reissue by Eric Woolfson & Haydn Bendall (For Woolfsongs Ltd.), Tim Fraser-Harding & Jeff Magid (For SonyBMG) and Alan Parsons
Expanded Edition Mastered by Dave Donnelly and Alan Parsons at DNA Mastering, Studio City, California
Reissue design by Mainartery Design, London (
Memorabilia - with thanks to Steve Martin, Sally Seddon and Mainartery

Published by Woolfsongs Ltd./Careers Music Inc, (BMI)
Administered by Universal Music

All tracks written by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons

Originally released 1979
(P)2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
(C)2008 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
All Bonus Tracks (P)2008, Licensed courtesy of Woolfsongs Ltd.
Distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment

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[Matrix: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Logo) 52580708/82876815262 22 - Barcode]
[SID-Code CD-Master: IFPI LB47 (aussen)]
[SID-Code Presswerk: IFPI 07** (innen)]
[Booklet: 12-seitig, geklammert, Linernotes (Jerry Ewing, Classic Rock Magazine, London, January, 2007), Linernotes Bonus Material (Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons, January 2008), Tracklist & Line-up, Original Credits & Reissue Credits]
[LC 03484]