Freddie King Larger Than Life
LP, 1975

Herstellungsland Deutschland
Zeit 40:19
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Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. RSO Records / 2394 163
Musikrichtung Blues: Electric Blues
MS-ID 1382101
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
A 1. It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) 3:16 C
A 2. You Can Run But You Can't Hide 3:23 L C
A 3. Woke Up This Morning 4:24 L C
A 4. It's Your Move 3:35 C
A 5. Boogie Bump 4:24
B 6. Meet Me In The Morning 4:32 L C
B 7. The Things I Used To Do 7:22 L C
B 8. Ain't That I Don't Love You 3:50 L C
B 9. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 5:33 L C


* Freddie King: guitar, vocals
* Sonny Burke: electric piano, clavinet [on tracks: A1 + A5]
* Pete Wingfield: acoustic piano [on tracks: A1, A4 + A5]
* Melvin 'Wah Wah' Ragin: guitar [on tracks: A1 + A5]
* Henry Davis: bass [on tracks: A1 + A5]
* James Gadson: drums [on tracks: A1 + A5]
* First Priority: backgound vocals [on tracks: A1 + A5]
* Robert Wilson: bass [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Mike O'Neill: guitar, slide guitar [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B9]
* Big John E. Thomassie: drums [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B9]
* K.O. Thomas: piano [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Jim Gordon: organ, sax [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Sam Clayton: congas [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B9]
* John Thomas: trumpets [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Darell Leonard: trumpets [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Jerry Jumonville: tenor sax, alto sax [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* David 'Fatheas' Newman: tenor sax [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Joe Davis: baritone sax [on life tracks: A2, A3, B6 - B8]
* Benny Turner: bass [on life track: B9]
* Louis Stephens: piano [on life track: B9]
* Alvin Hemphill: organ [on life track: B9]
* Andrew Jones, Jr.: guitar [on life track: B9]
* Charles Meyers: drums [on life track: B9]
* Ron Carthy: trumpet [on track: A4]
* Chris Mercer: tenor sax [on track: A4]
* Mick Eves: tenor sax [on track: A4]
* Steve Gregory: tenor sax [on track: A4]
* Bud Beadle: baritone sax [on track: A4]
* Roy Davies: clavinet [on track: A4]
* Bobby Tench: guitar
* DeLisle Harper: bass
* Steve Ferrone: drums

on spine: FREDDIE KING     LARGER THAN LIFE     STEREO 2394 163
on back: Tracklist + -time, Musicians, Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, Calif., Art direction: Abie Sussman
Cover art by Karen Katz, Cover Photo by Larry Couzens, Back cover photo by Carlos Vasquez, Executive Producer: Bill Oakes
Track A1 + A5 recorded at Crystal Industries, Hollywood, California, Produced by Mike Vernon
Track A2, A3, B6 - B9 recorded live at Armadillo World Headquaters, Austin, Texas, Produced by Barrell Leonard
Track A4 recorded at Chipping Norton Studios, England, Produced by Mike Vernon
STEREO 2394 163, RSO RECORDS, ℗ © 1975 RSO Records, Printed in Germany by Gerhard Kaiser GmbH, Essen

RSO, GEMA, Made in Germany, 2394 163, STEREO 33, 1/2, Tracklist + -time

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Side 1 (Runout, stamped): 2394 163 = 2 S 1     3 20
Side 2 (Runout, stamped): 2394 163 S 2        3 20

Pressed by Phonodisc GmbH, Hannover, Germany → 3 20