Jerry Cantrell Kerrang! The Ultra Collection: Boggy Depot
CD, 1998, Heftbeilage, Cardsleeve

Herstellungsland Österreich
Zeit 18:02
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Label/Labelcode COLUMBIA / LC 0162
Plattenfirma/Katalog-Nr. Columbia / XPCD973
Musikrichtung Rock: Alternative Rock, Grunge
MS-ID 1079182
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I = Instrumental L = Live B = Bonustrack H = Hidden Track C = Coversong
Track Titel Zeit Besonderheit
1. Dickeye 4:48
2. Devil By His Side 4:47
3. Cold Piece 8:27


KERRANG! | COLUMBIA | LC 0162 | COLUMBIA // (c)/(p) 1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Mega-Rare 'Boggy Depot' Sampler CD Given
Away Exclusively To The Readers Of KERRANG!

03 - Backcover reads: Break My Back 7.07
- CD face reads: Cold Piece 8:29

Kerrang Sampler:
Dear Kerrang reader, please find enclosed your copy of the exclusive K Ultra Collection CD sampler on Jerry Cantrell. The response has been tremendous but you were one of the first 300 to apply. ... please enjoy the sampler Columbia Records Marketing Department

01 / 02 - promotion: "Cut You In" served as Boggy Depots lead single and video which charted well and remained one of the album's best known songs. The track is unusual for Cantrell's style considering its use of horns. It was the #1 most added track at Rock and Alternative radio with more than 1,000 spins and an audience of more than nine million in its first five days. The second single, "My Song" was on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for over a dozen weeks. Its controversial music video was directed by Rocky Schenck and features performance artist Ann Magnuson. A third and final single, "Dickeye," also managed to chart albeit briefly.
- In December 1999, The A.V. Clubs Stephen Thompson listed Boggy Depot as a nominee for Least Essential Solo Album in his article "Least Essential Albums of the '90s."Thompson, Stephen The A.V. Club (December 22, 1999). Retrieved on 7-19-2009. In April 2002, Thompson gave the album a mixed review, commending "My Song" and "Between" as the best tracks while regarding "Dickeye" and "Devil By His Side" as "pedestrian."

album Boggy Depot released March 31, 1998 Columbia / 488705-1:
A1 Dickeye 5:05
A2 Cut You In 3:22
A3 My Song 4:07
B1 Settling Down 6:12
B2 Breaks My Back 7:07
B3 Jesus Hands 5:37
C1 Devil by His Side 4:50
C2 Keep the Light On 4:49
C3 Satisfy 3:35
D1 Hurt a Long Time 5:41
D2 Between 3:36
D3 Cold Piece 8:29