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# Cover Titel Typ / Besonderheiten Jahr Album Plattenfirma
Onward (USA)
1401 Onward: Evermoving Onward (USA)
CD 2001 Century Media
1402 Onward: Reawaken Onward (USA)
CD 2002 Century Media
Oracle (USA)
1403 Oracle: As Darkness Reigns Oracle (USA)
As Darkness Reigns
CD 1993 Massacre Records
Oracle (GBR)
1404 Oracle: Oracle Oracle (GBR)
CD (Re-Release) 1989 No Remorse Records
Original Sin (USA)
1405 Original Sin: Sin Will Find You Out Original Sin (USA)
Sin Will Find You Out
LP 1986 Cobra Productions / Roadrunner Productions BV
Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
1406 Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Blizzard Of Ozz
CD (Re-Release) 1980 Sony Music Entertainment
1407 Ozzy Osbourne: Diary Of A Madman Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Diary Of A Madman
CD (Re-Release) 1981 Sony Music Entertainment
1408 Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
Bark At The Moon
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1983 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
1409 Ozzy Osbourne: Ultimate Sin, The Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
The Ultimate Sin
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1986 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. / Epic
1410 Ozzy Osbourne: No Rest For The Wicked Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
No Rest For The Wicked
CD (Re-Release) 1988 Epic Records
1411 Ozzy Osbourne: No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
No More Tears
CD (Re-Release) 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
1412 Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
CD 1995 Epic / Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Othyrworld (CAN)
1413 Othyrworld: Beyond Into The Night Of Day Othyrworld (CAN)
Beyond Into The Night Of Day
CD 2005 Othyr World Recordingz
Overkill (USA)
1414 Overkill: Feel The Fire Overkill (USA)
Feel The Fire
CD (Re-Release) 1985 Noise International
1415 Overkill: Taking Over Overkill (USA)
Taking Over
CD 1987 Atlantic Recording Corporation
1416 Overkill: Under The Influence Overkill (USA)
Under The Influence
CD 1988 Megaforce Records Inc. / Atlantic Recording Corporation
1417 Overkill: Years Of Decay, The Overkill (USA)
The Years Of Decay
CD (Re-Release) 1989 Megaforce Records / Atlantic
1418 Overkill: Horrorscope Overkill (USA)
CD 1991 Atlantic Recording Corporation
1419 Overkill: Ironbound Overkill (USA)
CD 2010 Icarus Music
1420 Overkill: Electric Age, The Overkill (USA)
The Electric Age
CD 2012 Icarus Music / Nuclear Blast
Overlorde (USA)
1421 Overlorde: Return Of The Snow Giant Overlorde (USA)
Return Of The Snow Giant
CD (Limited Edition, Digipak) 2004 Sonic Age Records
1422 Overlorde: Return Of The Snow Giant Overlorde (USA)
Return Of The Snow Giant
LP (Limited Edition, Gatefold) 2004 Cult Metal Classics
Pagan Altar (GBR)
1423 Pagan Altar: Judgement Of The Dead Pagan Altar (GBR)
Judgement Of The Dead
CD (Re-Release) 1982 Cruz Del Sur Music
1424 Pagan Altar: Judgement Of The Dead Pagan Altar (GBR)
Judgement Of The Dead
LP (Limited Edition, Re-Release, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) 1982 Buried By Time And Dust
1425 Pagan Altar: Lords Of Hypocrisy Pagan Altar (GBR)
Lords Of Hypocrisy
CD (Re-Release) 2004 Cruz Del Sur Music
1426 Pagan Altar: Mythical & Magical Pagan Altar (GBR)
Mythical & Magical
CD (Re-Release) 2006 Cruz Del Sur Music
Pagan's Mind (NOR)
1427 Pagan's Mind: Infinity Divine Pagan's Mind (NOR)
Infinity Divine
CD (Re-Release) 2000 PM Records
1428 Pagan's Mind: Celestial Entrance Pagan's Mind (NOR)
Celestial Entrance
CD (Re-Release) 2002 PM Records
1429 Pagan's Mind: Enigmatic: Calling Pagan's Mind (NOR)
Enigmatic: Calling
CD (Re-Release) 2005 PM Records
1430 Pagan's Mind: God's Equation Pagan's Mind (NOR)
God's Equation
CD (Re-Release) 2007 PM Records
Pantera (USA)
1431 Pantera: Cowboys From Hell Pantera (USA)
Cowboys From Hell
CD 1990 ATCO Records / Atlantic Recording Corporation
1432 Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power Pantera (USA)
Vulgar Display Of Power
CD 1992 ATCO Records / Atlantic Recording Corporation
1433 Pantera: Far Beyond Driven Pantera (USA)
Far Beyond Driven
CD 1994 EastWest Records America
1434 Pantera: Great Southern Trendkill, The Pantera (USA)
The Great Southern Trendkill
CD 1996 EastWest
1435 Pantera: Reinventing The Steel Pantera (USA)
Reinventing The Steel
CD 2000 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc.
1436 Pantera: Live & Alive Pantera (USA)
Live & Alive
CD (Bootleg, Live) 1992 Imtrat Music
Paradise Lost (GBR)
1437 Paradise Lost: Shades Of God / Icon Paradise Lost (GBR)
Shades Of God / Icon
2-CD (Limited Edition, Re-Release, Special Edition) 1993 Music For Nations
1438 Paradise Lost: Draconian Times Paradise Lost (GBR)
Draconian Times
CD (Box, Special Edition, Digipak) 1995 Music For Nations
1439 Paradise Lost: Believe In Nothing Paradise Lost (GBR)
Believe In Nothing
Promo-CD (Cardsleeve) 2000 EMI Records Ltd.
Paradox (DEU)
1440 Paradox: Product Of Imagination Paradox (DEU)
Product Of Imagination
CD (Re-Release, Digipak, Multimedia) 1987 Roadrunner Records / Metal Mind Records
1441 Paradox: Heresy Paradox (DEU)
CD (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Re-Release, Digipak, Multimedia) 1989 Roadrunner Records / Metal Mind Records
1442 Paradox: Collision Course Paradox (DEU)
Collision Course
CD 2000 AFM Records
The Alan Parsons Project (GBR)
1443 Alan Parsons Project, The: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe The Alan Parsons Project (GBR)
Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1976 Mercury / PolyGram Records, Inc.
Payne's Gray (DEU)
1444 Payne's Gray: Infinity Payne's Gray (DEU)
CD (Re-Release) 1991 Eigenproduktion
1445 Payne's Gray: Kadath Decoded Payne's Gray (DEU)
Kadath Decoded
CD 1995 Eigenproduktion
Pentagram (USA)
1446 Pentagram: Relentless Pentagram (USA)
CD (Re-Release, Digipak) 1985 Peaceville Records
1447 Pentagram: Day Of Reckoning Pentagram (USA)
Day Of Reckoning
CD (Re-Release, Digipak) 1987 Peaceville Records
1448 Pentagram: Be Forewarned Pentagram (USA)
Be Forewarned
CD (Re-Release, Digipak) 1994 Peaceville Records
1449 Pentagram: First Daze Here - The Vintage Collection Pentagram (USA)
First Daze Here - The Vintage Collection
CD (Compilation) 2001 Del Imaginario Discos
1450 Pentagram: Last Rites Pentagram (USA)
Last Rites
CD (Digisleeve) 2011 Metal Blade Records Inc.
Steve Perry (USA)
1451 Steve Perry: For The Love Of Strange Medicine Steve Perry (USA)
For The Love Of Strange Medicine
CD 1994 Columbia
1452 Steve Perry: Traces Steve Perry (USA)
CD (Digisleeve) 2018 Fantasy / Concord Music Group
Persian Risk (GBR)
1453 Persian Risk: Once A King Persian Risk (GBR)
Once A King
CD 2012 Carlos Records
Pestilence (NLD)
1454 Pestilence: Malleus Maleficarum Pestilence (NLD)
Malleus Maleficarum
CD (Re-Release) 1988 Displeased Records
1455 Pestilence: Consuming Impulse Pestilence (NLD)
Consuming Impulse
CD (Re-Release) 1989 Roadrunner Records
1456 Pestilence: Testimony Of The Ancients Pestilence (NLD)
Testimony Of The Ancients
CD 1991 All Blacks B.V. / Roadrunner Productions B.V., The
1457 Pestilence: Spheres Pestilence (NLD)
CD 1993 Roadrunner Records
Pharaoh (USA)
1458 Pharaoh: After The Fire Pharaoh (USA)
After The Fire
CD 2003 Cruz Del Sur Music
1459 Pharaoh: Longest Night, The Pharaoh (USA)
The Longest Night
CD 2006 Cruz Del Sur Music
1460 Pharaoh: Be Gone Pharaoh (USA)
Be Gone
CD (Limited Edition, Digipak) 2008 Cruz Del Sur Music
1461 Pharaoh: Ten Years Pharaoh (USA)
Ten Years
Mini-CD / EP 2011 Cruz Del Sur Music
1462 Pharaoh: Bury The Light Pharaoh (USA)
Bury The Light
CD 2012 Cruz Del Sur Music
Pink Cream 69 (DEU)
1463 Pink Cream 69: Pink Cream 69 Pink Cream 69 (DEU)
Pink Cream 69
CD 1989 Epic / CBS Schallplatten GmbH, Germany
1464 Pink Cream 69: Games People Play Pink Cream 69 (DEU)
Games People Play
CD 1993 Sony Music Entertainment
1465 Pink Cream 69: Sonic Dynamite Pink Cream 69 (DEU)
Sonic Dynamite
CD 2000 Massacre Records
Basil Poledouris (USA)
1466 Basil Poledouris: Conan The Barbarian Basil Poledouris (USA)
Conan The Barbarian
CD (Re-Release) 1982 Éditions Milan Music
Portrait (SWE)
1467 Portrait: Portrait Portrait (SWE)
CD (Limited Edition, Nummeriert, Special Edition) 2008 Iron Kodex
1468 Portrait: Portrait Portrait (SWE)
LP (Limited Edition, Re-Release, Special Edition, 180 Gramm Vinyl, Rotes Vinyl) 2008 High Roller Records
Possessed (USA)
1469 Possessed: Seven Churches Possessed (USA)
Seven Churches
CD (Re-Release) 1985 Century Media Records Ltd.
Potentiam (ISL)
1470 Potentiam: Years In The Shadows Potentiam (ISL)
Years In The Shadows
CD (Compilation) 2006 Schwarzdorn Production
Power Flowers (DEU)
1471 Power Flowers: Grow! Power Flowers (DEU)
CD 0 Ton Team Record
Powergod (DEU)
1472 Powergod: Bleed For The Gods Powergod (DEU)
Bleed For The Gods
CD (Compilation) 2001 Massacre Records
Powermad (USA)
1473 Powermad: Absolute Power Powermad (USA)
Absolute Power
LP 1989 Reprise / WEA
Pretty Maids (DNK)
1474 Pretty Maids: Red, Hot And Heavy Pretty Maids (DNK)
Red, Hot And Heavy
LP 1984 CBS Records
1475 Pretty Maids: Future World Pretty Maids (DNK)
Future World
LP 1987 CBS Records ApS
Primordial (IRL)
1476 Primordial: To The Nameless Dead Primordial (IRL)
To The Nameless Dead
2-CD (Limited Edition, Digi-Book) 2007 Metal Blade Records GmbH
Procession (CHL)
1477 Procession: Burn Procession (CHL)
Tape-EP (Limited Edition, Nummeriert) 2008 Kuravilu Productions
1478 Procession: Cult Of Disease, The Procession (CHL)
The Cult Of Disease
12" (Limited Edition, Gatefold, 180 Gramm Vinyl) 2009 Iron Kodex
1479 Procession: Destroyers Of The Faith Procession (CHL)
Destroyers Of The Faith
CD (Re-Release) 2010 High Roller Records
1480 Procession: To Reap Heavens Apart Procession (CHL)
To Reap Heavens Apart
CD 2013 High Roller Records
Profanity (DEU)
1481 Profanity: Slaughtering Thoughts Profanity (DEU)
Slaughtering Thoughts
CD 2000 Cudgel Agency
Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew (RUS)
1482 Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew: Alexander Nevsky/Lieutenant Kijé/Scythian Suite Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew (RUS)
Alexander Nevsky/Lieutenant Kijé/Scythian Suite
CD (Re-Release) 1980 Deutsche Grammophon / Polydor
Prong (USA)
1483 Prong: Beg To Differ Prong (USA)
Beg To Differ
CD 1990 Sony Music Entertainment
1484 Prong: Cleansing Prong (USA)
CD 1994 Sony Music Entertainment
1485 Prong: Rude Awakening Prong (USA)
Rude Awakening
CD 1996 Epic / Sony Music Entertainment
Queen (GBR)
1486 Queen: Queen II Queen (GBR)
Queen II
CD (Re-Release) 1973 EMI Records Ltd.
1487 Queen: Night At The Opera, A Queen (GBR)
A Night At The Opera
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1975 Queen Productions Ltd.
1488 Queen: Day At The Races, A Queen (GBR)
A Day At The Races
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1976 EMI Records Ltd.
1489 Queen: News Of The World Queen (GBR)
News Of The World
CD (Re-Release) 1977 EMI Records Ltd.
1490 Queen: Miracle, The Queen (GBR)
The Miracle
CD 1989 Raincloud Productions Ltd.
1491 Queen: Innuendo Queen (GBR)
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1991 Queen Productions Ltd.
1492 Queen: Made In Heaven Queen (GBR)
Made In Heaven
CD 1995 EMI Records Ltd.
Queensrÿche (USA)
1493 Queensrÿche: Queensrÿche Queensrÿche (USA)
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1983 Capitol Records
1494 Queensrÿche: Warning, The Queensrÿche (USA)
The Warning
CD (Re-Release) 1984 EMI America Records
1495 Queensrÿche: Rage For Order Queensrÿche (USA)
Rage For Order
CD (Re-Release, Remastered) 1986 EMI Records
1496 Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime Queensrÿche (USA)
Operation: Mindcrime
CD (Re-Release) 1988 EMI-Manhattan Records
1497 Queensrÿche: Empire Queensrÿche (USA)
CD 1990 EMI USA / Capitol Records Inc.
1498 Queensrÿche: Promised Land Queensrÿche (USA)
Promised Land
CD 1994 EMI Records Ltd.
1499 Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime II Queensrÿche (USA)
Operation: Mindcrime II
CD 2006 Rhino Entertainment Company
1500 Queensrÿche: Silent Crimes Queensrÿche (USA)
Silent Crimes
CD (Bootleg, Live) 1992 Spotlight

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