Hermetic Delight Heartbeat (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Hermetic Delight: Heartbeat - Cover
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Typ: Single/EP
Genre(s): Rock: Noise Rock

14.01.2013 16:19

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Decadence has a new name: HERMETIC DELIGHT.

Not only does this Strasbourgese Band offer you a unique merch gimmick – in fact their own brand of condoms, “TOTALLY HERMETIC FOR DELIGHTFUL SEX”, but they even have four songs pressed on WHITE 12 inch vinyl. Now that’s what I would call decadent…but let’s get to what really matters, the music.

HERMETIC DELIGHT, that is Zey K. (vocals), A. Diamond (guitars), Geoff Maurutto (git/keyboards), Bob K. (bass guitars) and Delphine Padilla (drums) describe their sound as SPACEPOP / NOISEROCK and I really have a hard time putting them into a certain compartment. For those that are into a more digitally delight, “Heartbeat” comes with a download code, so no one has to rely on the wealth of the turntable. The title track “Heartbeat” is split into two parts, the first is full of rough edges and fully distorted voices, while the second part presents a wider range of vocals.

The song featured on the B Side happens to be the previous single “Holy Sister”, a beautiful spherical journey, somewhere between PJ HARVEY and MASSIVE ATTACKS’s “Teardrop”.

Punkte: 6 / 10