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Genre(s): Metal Thrash Metal

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02.04.2013 10:57

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Metal might not always re-invent itself, but I am happy there are still bands that prefer to keep it old-school, like Norwegian Thrashers BLOOD TSUNAMI.

Founded in 2004, BLOOD TSUNAMI are vocalist/ guitarist Pete Evil (Peter Vegem) guitarist Kristoffer Sørensen, bassist Carl Janfalk and drummer Bård (Faust) Eithun, well-known from his former jobs in EMPEROR e.g. Even though I love their earlier releases, the news of the new album „For Faen“ to be out in march, made me really excited. Specially with the knowledge, that BLOOD TSUNAMI side project MONGO NINJA has gotten most attention during the last few years. With some very promising album trailers, „For Faen“ has become “love at first sight (or rather listen)” to me.

Short, brutal, raw, simple and true Thrash Metal tracks. Not too short, as I didn’t expect to discover long and epic melodic Black Metal tunes or something like that. Due to this, one will give the album some additional spins. This album is less melodic compared to former releases, it just thrills and kills with lyrics about Russian mass murderers in “The Butcher Of Rostov”.

Many riffs remind me of Thrash gods SLAYER, realizing that these guys write in honour of their idols a lot, as they point out in the Interview. Percussions are perfect, but what else could you expect from one of the most amazing drummers of this metal generation? Still BLOOD TSUNAMI but a BLOOD TSUNAMI that added lots of new influences and experiences from their MONGO NINJA break and never been as punky and thrashy as in 2013!

If you love fast and massive Thrash and are not to week for blunt lyrics, „For Faen“ is a must-have album.

Punkte: 9 / 10


Blood Tsunami: For Faen!

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  1. The butcher of Rostov
  2. Dogfed
  3. The rape of nanking
  4. In the dungeon of the rats
  5. Metal fang
  6. The brazen bull
  7. Grave desecrator
  8. Unholy nights
  9. B.T.K.
  10. Krokodil