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Sabiendas: Restored To Life - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal Death Metal

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23.02.2013 13:16

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The proof of life for Old School Death Metal made in Germany comes with a full blast, as SABIENDAS finally release their first full-length record “Restored To Life”. Three years have passed since the Ruhr-Area based combo published its EP “Buried Alive”. After several line-up changes and a fully packed live schedule, SABIENDAS seem to have found a steady squad consisting of founding member/guitarist Alexandra Rutkowski, drummer Toni Merkel, bassist F.T., guitarist Christian Eichberger and vocalist Jan Edel – both members since 2011. With this teamed up creativity the band signed a contract with BRET HARD RECORDS/SaoL in September 2012.

“Restored To Life” combines tracks from the back catalogue with new ones, making it a full overview on the bands artistic work. Those of you who own a copy of the EP or even Demo of “Buried Alive” are familiar with “Necrophobia” and “Eternal Gloom” – set as first and final track, they mark a well-chosen frame to the others. Specially “Eternal Gloom” with its horrific Doom touch, represents the strength of SABIENDAS: Fierce yet forceful vocals, ranging from a cropse-grinder-esque depth to rasping shouts, still vocalist Jan is one you even be able to understand while he is successfully roaring his lungs out. On-the-spot blasts giving the way for true neckbreakers, that never seem to fail Toni’s playfulness. When it comes to stringworks, SABIENDAS have never sounded so tight and mature as on “Restored To Life”, nevertheless they are a LIVE BAND, so after listening to it several times, you ought to get your ugly but out there and catch one their shows!

Personal highlight is the aforementioned “Eternal Gloom”, with a length of over six minutes it sticks out from the rest of the record. If you’re into BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL or CANNIBAL CORPSE, THIS is your next favourite band.

Punkte: 8 / 10


Sabiendas: Restored To Life

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  1. Necrophobia
  2. Blood drenched rack
  3. Prophets of blood
  4. Faces in the dark
  5. Exhumation
  6. Cheating death
  7. Restored to life
  8. Retributionist
  9. Eternal gloom