Sumosluts Time To Freak Out (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Sumosluts: Time To Freak Out - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Rock Stoner Rock, Blues Rock

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31.01.2013 06:17

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It hast been quite a while since the summer left and only its memories are present to this very day. One event that clearly sticks to my mind hast to be this years’ Stoned From The Underground Festival, where – once again – I got to see and meet incredible people. Many of which I ran into on the everlasting escape from the rain and the mus it’s caused. One group of people who will be most remembered happen to be our campground neighbours that provided the entire place with music from the very talented Helge Schneider (to those of you from the rest of the world: his humor only gets to German-speaking countries). To finally make a long story short, Sumosluts just released their second Album, entitled “Time To Freak Out”. The follow-up of their Debut “An Awesome Piece Of Shit” sees the Band on a more mature level, that starts with the artwork and does not quite end in the notes you will hear on the seven songs offered.

Blues driven Riffs created by guitarists Matthias Söhnlein and Markus Herbst, the unique voice of Phil Svetashkov and the garnish of the almost jazzy rhythm section consisting of drummer Michael Bickel and bassplayer Michael Kraus. Sumosluts prevail the sort of heaviness one can even dance to – hard to categorize, since this is no Music I would label as “Groove Metal”. But as unconventional as I got to know these guys from Bamberg, labeling isn’t what they are up to anyway. As far as the vocals are concerned, Phil Svetashkov has a just the right balance of clean and guttural parts. For a mere Stoner Rock audience the songs from “Time To Freak Out” might be way to fast and unrelexing, but for fans of good rocking tunes, they will be the right choice.

Punkte: 5.5 / 10