Bitch Queens Suck It Up! (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Bitch Queens: Suck It Up! - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Punk Punk Rock

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14.01.2013 16:20

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Swiss Punk Rock Quartet BITCH QUEENS has released a number of Split 7″ featuring German Garage Rockers TRASHMONKEYS, Czech Rock’n'Roll foursome DIRTY BLONDES and their fellow-men THE LOMBEGO SURFERS. As it has been two years since their debut “Female Shotgun” has risen onto the earth, the current BITCH QUEENS EP “Suck It Up!” comes right in time.

Six tracks with a straight in-your-face attitude will force one’s head to constant nodding and if anyone is able to stay seated, they are either deaf or dead. A clear influence of such Gerne heroes like TURBONEGRO or THE HELLACOPTERS is not only noticeable in every digitally proceeded tone, but within the entire visual concept. Starting with the jeaned-ass wiggling they show on stage and in the video for the opening track “Ain’t Good Enough”, all the way to the stutt decor on the EP’s cover. Kid Krystal (Vox / Git), Captain Ace (Drums / Vox), Diamond Dan (Git) and Marc Steele (Bass) truly look like the unlawful children of Nicke Andersson and your choice of, well maybe Happy-Tom or Euroboy. These Basel boys are ready to take over Punk Rock Town and kick some major arse. With every song in the range of just two minutes, I strongly recommend enjoying it all. Published via Lux Noise, “Suck It Up” is a rough diamond…please, no polish.

BITCH QUEENS – they are loud, they are fast, they are sexy!

Punkte: 9.5 / 10