Envision (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Blockshot: Envision - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Rock Grunge, Garage Rock

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19.06.2012 09:53

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With my own musical activities originating much in the Grunge Explosion of the early 90s, I see it as my duty to take a look at the Riot Girl Movement nowadays.

Courtney Love is way past her 40s and after The Donnas and Crucified Barbara there are hardly any female musicians to be called “famous” and successful. Sad thing indead, but the Underground is a neverending source of inpiration and so I came about Bonn based band called Blockshot.

Not an all girl thing but clearly female fronted and driven. Unlike their own source of inspiration, Blockspot are very much cleaned up. No dirty rehearsal room sound and no feedback to be found in the ten tracks Envision has to offer and it takes all the way to the final track to get some angry screaming vocals of guitarist/vocalist Alva.

As much as these young musicians might hold up the spirit of the 90s they almost miss the point, or maybe not. Cleaned up sound as a revolution of the revolution and that is what Grunge was back then. With the first breath back in the late 80s, one blonde guy (no need to mention his name!) and parts of the Seattle/Portland/where-ever Scene started a new era of heavy distorted guitar music. Finally it wasn’t just all keyboard-wave-depeche-jovi-sounds OR sleazy puffed up Rock/Metal hairspray-bottles. This was the dirty answer to everything your parents warned you, it was the anger of the Generation X turned into the sound of the decade. Just think of Ugly Kid Joe as a direct opponent to Pretty Boy Floyd – nothing left to say.

Wether to like the new interpretation of a long gone revolution and a way of female freedom is up to each and everyone of you. I strongly reccomand to look around and take a deep dive into the Underground!

Punkte: 4 / 10