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Hypnosia: Horror Infernal - Cover
Typ: Compilation/Best-Of
Genre(s): Metal Thrash Metal

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15.06.2012 16:48

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“Horror Infernal” is a 16-track compilation released in may by Swedish Label I HATE that contains HYPNOSIA‘s past work from the mid to the late 90s. Tracks one to four are taken from the “Crushed Existence” demo (1996), tracks five to seven have been released in 1997 also on a demo called “The Storms”.
Tracks eight to 13 have been publishes as the “Violent Intensity” mini-album in 1999. To include a vast range of material three further songs have been added, including cover versions of one of Germany’s leading Thrash Legend SODOM and the almighty POSSESSED.

Although all material has been carefully remastered no touch of the roughness and aggression delivered by the Swedish Thrash squadrons is lost – on the contrary! Straight cutting and brutally distorted guitars, smashing yet precise drumwork and a most vicious voice will bring to you the ultimate northern hatred.

For all hardcore fans “Horror Infernal” comes with a heavy 20-pages booklet revealing a large amount of old pictures, flyers and the most extensive biographies ever written, courtesy of bandleader Cab. A true must-have for every HYPNOSIA fan and a great addition to the history of European Thrash Metal.

Punkte: 5.5 / 10

Hypnosia: Horror Infernal

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  1. Crushed existence
  2. Threshold of decay
  3. Undead
  4. Paralyzed by persecution
  5. The last remains
  6. Operation clean-sweep
  7. The storms of the dead worlds
  8. Funeral cross
  9. Haunting death
  10. Undead
  11. Perpetual dormancy
  12. Mental terror
  13. The storms
  14. Outbreak of evil
  15. My belief
  16. Hauting death (Live)