Dead Cells Tear Down The Heavens (2012) - ein Review von Psychorizon

Dead Cells: Tear Down The Heavens - Cover
Typ: Single/EP
Genre(s): Rock Hardrock

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02.06.2012 21:15

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The pounding Bass of Natalie Mason, the rattling drums of Wojtek Broda, the fuzzy strings of Kris Willingham and the forwarding vocals of Luke MacKinnon are the ingredients that make the special meal served by DEAD CELLS and now available on their five-track debut EP. A gathering of four british musicians cooking some real good rocking dishes, a touch of jazzy garnish, a spoonful of Grunge and by far a large amount of Hard Rock. No need for experimental work in the DEAD CELLS’ kitchen, one guitar, well-placed drumming, groovy bass lines and a voice somewhere between clear and rough-edged.

The song structures give place for all four elements, as for the sound quality: “Tear Down The Heavens” puts standards right from the start, as it is the bands’ debut EP. Released on 27th February, it already has received numerous radio plays and rave reviews. As it takes them four songs to throw in a guitar solo, understatement is clearly a way of doing things but they just know how to play Hard Rock without showing off. “Tear Down The Heavens” was recorded by Jason & Joe. “Here Be Dragons” mastered by Joe, Tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5 Mastered by Max at the Lodge Studio: Northampton.

DEAD CELLS is a name you should keep in mind, cause these Brits won’t stay on their island for long!

Punkte: 6.5 / 10