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Lord Vicar: Signs Of Osiris - Cover
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Genre(s): Metal Doom Metal

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26.02.2012 15:27

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As the final nails were hammered to the coffin of Reverend Bizarre (1995-2007, R.I.P.), guitar player Peter Vicar – nowadays going with his real name Kimi Kärki – put together an all-star line-up, covering a vast variety of northern European landscapes in person, namely: Vocalist Chritus (from Sweden, former Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Terra Firma), drummer Gareth Millsted (from England, former Centurions Ghost, End of Level Boss), bassist Jussi Myllykoski (from Finland) and himself on guitars (from Finland, former Reverend Bizarre, Orne).

The creation deriving from this foursome is a traditionally based Doom, giving you quite some moments to bang your head or pick some air guitar. Not too slow, with clean yet forceful vocals and instruments merging into one. Sparks of Progressive Rock are walking hand in hand with Folk and Classic Rock, never losing sight of main element.

The final track “Sign Of Osiris Risen” is a 15-minute serenade, taking you for a trip on the doomed rollercoaster. From acoustic waves to fuzzy mosh-parts, representing the whole record, like a twisted overture – enjoy the ride!

Punkte: 8 / 10


Lord Vicar: Signs of Osiris

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  1. Sign of Osiris slain
  2. The answer
  3. Release
  4. Between the blue temple and the North tower
  5. Sinking city
  6. Endless November
  7. For the love of war