Omega Massif Karpatia (2011) - ein Review von Riffgott

Omega Massif: Karpatia - Cover
Typ: Album
Genre(s): Metal Doom Metal, Sludge

10.10.2011 13:23

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Würzburg, Germany, based instrumental Post Metal/Rock band Omega Massif are to release their much anticipated 2nd album this Friday.
45 minutes of lead-heavy riffs, eerie melodies and suspense-packed songwriting take the listener down into the sludgy depths of “Karpatia”.

Focusing on catchy arrangements rather than jammed-out soundscapes, this album really has the edge when it comes to well crafted song structures. The shorter tracks like “Wölfe” present a traditional, Doom Metal influenced style, while the lengthy songs set out to explore the interplay of crude power and atmospheric tranquility typically found in the Post Metal genre.

Production-wise the record offers a clear, yet powerful punch in the face. Every instrument blends perfectly into the overall sound, allowing subtle details to stand out and shine.

Even if you are not into modern Metal at all, you should give “Karpatia” a spin, as it is a catchy, yet demanding and in a way unique sounding album, rooted in Doom and Post Metal alike.

Punkte: 8.5 / 10


Omega Massif: Karpatia

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  1. Aura
  2. Wölfe
  3. Urus Arctos
  4. Im Karst
  5. Karpatia
  6. Steinernes Meer