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Serpent Venom: Carnal Altar - Cover
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26.02.2012 15:30

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Being a British Band and playing Doom, it seems even more mandatory to have a Sabbath-Touch to your sounds than it does generally if your into the Doom Gerne. London-based SERPENT VENOM act according to the motto “In doom we trust” and thus they arose from their grave in 2008.

Mastermind Pete Fox – of Olde Crone – gathered like-minded to fulfill his musical vision, recruiting Blood Island Raiders’ drum battering machine Paul Sutherland, the sorrowful cries were provided by Garry ‘Gaz’ Ricketts, formerly of Sloth and the bass was taken care of by some hairy bloke called Nick. Pete recently left SERPENT VENOM and the UK to start a new live with his wife in California. Roland Scriver will permanently step in for him.

The highly acclaimed “Carnal Altar” surely leaves big shoes to fill – for the new guy and the band itself. Overwhelming fuzz, hypnotic vocals and impulsive drumworks are just a few marks of the records seven tracks. But these Brits are a bunch of busy bees that keep up the good work, “towards a split release for April and another album to follow”, as the Band stated on their official Facebook page. If your into Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus and the likes, you should check out SERPENT VENOM. And much like their famous country men are they into the Horror aesthetics – not only concerning sounds, but also looks, as they show on the cover of “Carnal Altar”.

Punkte: 8.5 / 10


Serpent Venom: Carnal Altar

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  1. Carnal altar
  2. Blood of serpents
  3. Four walls of solitude
  4. Conjuration
  5. Under the compass
  6. Devilshire
  7. The outsider